Four For Voeckler

Thomas Voeckler’s ability to demonstrate expressions never seen before has been his trademark throughout his career, but Tuesday saw the Frenchman in an iconic pose which cycling fans have seen a hundred times before. While out training ahead of his appearance at the upcoming Tour du Limousin, Voeckler was struck head-on by a vehicle when approaching a roundabout and subsequently broke his collarbone along with the car’s windscreen.

The Typical Pose of a Broken Collarbone.

The Typical Pose of a Broken Collarbone.

The former French Champion and Europcar rider was quoted at the scene saying, that the car which struck him had been travelling “very, very fast in town” before the impact. Thomas Voeckler is certainly no stranger to a fractured clavicle, having broken it three times previously; including in January this year. However, this is the first time he has injured the left hand side and certainly will not being wishing this to become a weakness at the age of 35. Despite most collarbone breaks healing relatively quickly in the world of professional cycling, it does not appear that this will happen soon enough to allow the Alsace region’s hero to race the World Championships.

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