Voigt Against The Clock

Just when you thought it was safe to stop worrying about Jens Voigt and his madcap attacks, the ‘sort of retired’ German has already climbed back on his bike with intent of challenging the World Hour Record. In a statement released today through his team Trek Factory Racing, Voigt has announced he will challenge for the title on September 18th in Grenchen, Switzerland.

A serious Jens can only mean business.

A serious Jens can only mean business.

Admitting to tests earlier in the year at Roubaix’s historic Velodrome ahead of the Dauphiné, it would appear that Jens has seen The Hour as an iconic and typically ‘Jensie’ way of finishing his career on a high. Within the Trek statement, he goes on to offer some insight behind his motivation for the painful task at hand:

“The ‘hour’ has lost some of its magic over the last years. Maybe my attempt could kick off a new round of hour-record attempts. I could establish a mark for everyone to give it a try. Make a bridge, you know. I raced against Boardman, Indurain and Sosenka. And I’m racing with Fabian and his generation. If I make it, it would be sandwiched between those names. I can pave the way for them. I have no illusion to keep the record once Fabian and other specialists start having a go. But I kind of like the idea of telling me grand children about it, when they sit on my lap when I’m 75.”

The positivity which shines from Voigt’s intentions is infections, filling himself and his vast fanbase with the confidence that ‘Jensie’ will be the new record holder at the end of the day come September 18th. Spokenforks wishes him all the best with his preparations for the title and will be cheering him manically as he attacks the record in fashion like no other – it would be a dream to be there as this legend grows more fantastical once again.

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