Beat The Clock

Having already inflicted years of agony upon the peloton, Jens Voigt decided the last victim to feel the hurt would be time itself. Spokenforks is pleased to say that Jens broke the hour record with a ride of 51.115km, all the more impressive with the German icon’s 43rd birthday passing the day previous.

Throughout the record breaking attempt, Voigt looked a picture of poise and power as he circled the Swiss velodrome’s black line for the 60 minute session. Occasionally getting out of the saddle to ‘relieve the pressure’, Jens had the crowd cheering on his every pedal stroke alongside the custom made anthemic playlist of AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Metallica. He never looked in trouble for a split second and seemed reasonably fresh when celebrating with his parents after beating the record comfortably.


Jens Is Done With Time.

Hopefully the publicity and craze around the new hour record will stir up a revival for the event, luring out the likes of Fabian Cancellara, Bradley Wiggins, Tony Martin and even Alex Dowsett to have a go at setting their own record breaking times.

Though it was a successful day for all involved, a sad twinge was present as this signalled the last ‘hurrah’ for the legend known as ‘Jensie‘. However, there is no doubt that the world of cycling will soon feel the full force of Voigt’s hyperactive persona soon enough in a variety of roles.

Chapeau Jens Voigt, Chapeau.

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