News Round-Up

Froome Changes Mind and Goals:

Having previously been touted to avoid 2015’s Tour de France due to a lack of time trials, Chris Froome is now rumoured to not only be set to compete in France but also ride September’s subsequent Vuelta too. The British rider rode both of the afore mentioned Grand Tours in 2014 due to his horrendous misfortune suffered in the opening week of the Tour de France, leaving him with a shot at the Vuelta in order to save his season. Froome exceeded expectation in Spain, riding himself into some solid form which saw him secure a podium place despite falling short of Alberto Contador’s attacking prowess. With an ill-fitting Tour de France and recent good experiences from riding the Vuelta, Chris Froome looks set to ride both again in 2015, but with a stronger aim upon September’s Grand Tour due to hosting a favourable time trial for the Sky man compared to Le Tour.


Alonso is Still Dreaming:

The closest thing to a rock and roll superstar joining the world of cycling was expected to be Formula 1’s Fernando Alonso starting his own professional racing team at WorldTour level. The Spaniard’s attempts to get a new team registered in the last year have been repeatedly unsuccessful and now it appears we are set to wait even longer for ‘Team Alonso’. Despite securing a license from the outgoing Euskaltel-Euskadi team and then backing from Middle Eastern financiers, the plan is on the rocks yet again with confirmation that there will be no team in 2015.

York Get Their Sums’ Wrong:

It does not take much prompting from the world of cycling to agree just how great a success Yorkshire’s Grand Depart was for Britain, though it has come to light that this was not necessarily mirrored in the finances. Large underestimation’s of how many stewards and barriers would be required was one such glaring miscalculation, but the greatest error came in the shape of an £187,000 loss for the so-called ‘Grand Departy’ which cost £206,000 to organise but returned less than £20,000. Despite such poor planning, the experience of hosting the Tour’s departure seems to have left its mark upon Yorkshire; helping to raise the county’s profile internationally and boost the profits of local businesses.

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