“Cycling Is Love” – Abdoujaparov Returns In 2016

Uzbekistan’s greatest export to sprint finishes Djamolidine Abdoujaparov, once feared as The Tashkent Terror, will once again be seen as common place on the professional circuit come 2016. ‘Abdou’ will be returning to the spotlight as leader of his Pro-Continental outfit by next season; currently building his team under the working title of ABDOU INTERNATIONAL PRO CYCLING TEAM. Despite a ruthless reputation in the sprints, Abdou’s mantra for the project is to spread a message of peace and love through competing and succeeding at major events.

“CYCLING for LOVE & PEACE” is the main goal, as are race results and entertainment. Add romanticism & the cycling way of life, mix with passion & fashion and then…you can see the style of our team clearly.

And I would also like to inform you that ABDOU SPORT will bring back some of the stylish and exciting elements of the cycling past!

To gain further insight as to the return of Djamolidine Abdoujaparov as a team manager, an interview with the man and his passion to bring peace and love to the peloton can be found here: http://abdoujaparov.com/projects/

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